Our values

sweda exists to encourage, inspire and promote the personal and professional development of its clients to achieve their goals regardless of age, intellect, talent or heritage.


sweda guarantees you:

  • An interview with one of our advisers within four weeks of making contact with sweda
  • Our staff will be courteous, friendly and on hand to help and support you in our centre
  • Our premises will be clean, well furnished and accessible to all
  • We will ensure the security of all of your personal information and data and respect your confidentiality
  • We will treat you fairly and as an individual.


How you can help:

  • Be on time for all of your appointments
  • Look presentable, clean and tidy
  • Respect all of the staff, clients, equipment and facilities
  • Act in a reasonable manner at all times
  • Follow the rules and regulations of the centre.


What you can expect from us:


The adviser will listen, ask questions and summarise your information to develop your thoughts and ideas further. You should reach all of your decisions by yourself.


The adviser should help you to arrive at your own solutions. The adviser can not and should not make decisions for you.


All information regarding your meeting will be kept strictly confidential, unless you give your permission to use the information. All relevant paperwork is kept in a locked cabinet to protect your personal data.


An adviser may contact you with information about our promotional services and activities. You may also be asked to provide various information to prove that sweda has helped you.


Everyone who attends sweda is treated on an equal basis. All sweda staff are professional in how they work with you, and use their knowledge to answer your questions or signpost you to relevant help or support. Their overall behaviour will reflect this.


What we expect from you:


This is very important if you want to achieve success and reach your goals.


It is important for you to keep to the agreed action points in order to maintain progress.


If you do not understand anything said in the meeting then ask for further clarification as openness is essential. The aim is for you and the adviser to communicate effectively.


Please attend meetings on time and if you are delayed or have to cancel, then please call and notify a staff member.


Help us by taking part in any evaluation reports as requested by our funders as proof that sweda has helped you. This enables sweda to provide you with FREE advice and support and to comply with funders’ requirements and continue its services in the community.

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