Complaining Customers are one of your Biggest Business Assets..!

Whether it is possible to fire a client, and if so whether you should ever do it is a question that was posed on a business forum recently. I’d agree that it is possible (and indeed sometimes necessary) to fire a client however that having been said, in my experience it is critical to ensure that the client is being fired for the right reasons…


One mistake that businesses make far too often is to fire customers that complain to them. Why is this a mistake? It’s a mistake because if the customer is paying on time and complaining, they are actually doing you a favour by bringing to your attention flaws within your product and / or service delivery. Not only this but doing so at no cost when the alternative;  engaging the services of a consultant to undertake customer satisfaction surveys could potentially cost you thousands and not provide you with any additional insights!


As you would be aware it takes time and effort to call a business, wait on hold for a while until you get through to the correct person in a senior position and then to outline your complaints in a calm and reasoned manner. Much more so if the complaint is put in writing. It’s often much easier to not complain at all and to just switch to another provider and let’s face it, there is an abundance competitors out there waiting with outstretched arms to welcome your disgruntled customers.


Those customers that complain are letting you know why your customers that aren’t coming back are going elsewhere, thus enabling you to continually improve your product and / or service.


By all means go ahead and fire those bad payers and those customers who tie up a disproportionate amount of your resources based on what they are paying but whatever you do… Don’t fire those good paying complainers – they are one of your businesses best assets!


I’d welcome any questions or comments,


Andy Salmon.

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