Making the most of your Business Network

Business networks have the potential to be a great source of leads via referral but how do you get the most out of participation in a networking group?

Having been active within a number of groups, my view is that the key to success is confidence. Whether or not you build confidence in your capabilities amongst the other members is a critical element in determining whether the flow of referrals will (or won’t) reach you.

Let’s think about the statement above for a moment…

You work hard to obtain and retain your customers. How likely is it that you would refer your customers to another business if you were not convinced that they could deliver a valuable product and or service..? Exactly!

That’s where the confidence bit comes in…

With all networking groups that I have been involved with, there have been a few members who were significantly more successful in getting leads than the majority were. Regardless of their product and or service offering these individuals had a few things in common. I’d suggest that you observe these members within your own group. What makes them different? Why is it that they are so successful where others are not? They may engage in a number of different activities however each of these promotes greater confidence in their abilities which breaks down the referral barriers.

Increasing the confidence of those around you, in your ability to deliver a valuable product or service can have the result of swiftly moving members of your business network through the cycle of Suspicion (Non referring) to Prospective Connections (possible future referrers of business) to Converts (confident that you can deliver a valuable product / service) and finally to becoming Disciples of your business who will readily refer you because they are convinced that interactions you have with their customers will act to further strengthen the relationship that they already have with that customer.

So… What are you waiting for? Start building confidence among the network members, gather your disciples and reap the rewards.

I’d welcome any questions or comments,

Andy Salmon.

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