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NEETsSince 2006, sweda has been providing an intensive programme of training and support to NEET young people, which has resulted in a number of people going into further training, education and employment. Our current NEET young people’s programme has a 90% retention rate.

As sweda is able to provide a holistic service provision, the adviser is able to not only provide handholding and in-depth support, but also make internal and external referrals to other specialist advisers, such as employment and ICT so the client receives the best support possible.

We gather evidence of client progress and effective working practices. We regularly produce case studies of clients who have achieved positive outcomes.

sweda’s ethos and track record since 1989 on behalf of diverse communities in Sandwell is based wholly on the ‘case based approach’, using individual action and learning plans to provide tailor-made support. Through working with Black Country Connexions we have developed the following services for NEET young people:

• Dedicated, experienced and qualified adviser, providing one-to-one and long term hand-holding support

• Each client will have their own action plan – ‘case based approach’

• Excellent knowledge, referral routes and working and partnership arrangements with other support agencies and partners

• Additional in-house, training and mentoring

• Regular one-to-one mentoring would facilitate this re-engagement with typically weekly review of progress

• Advocacy support around life skills

• Through our Reach Out project, funded through the Connexions service, sweda has experience of providing financial incentives to young people who take part and are encouraged to complete the programme.

Current programme:

  • Black Country Impact (16-29 years)

Previous programmes:

  • Entry to Learning Project
  • Kickstart: Gold
  • Start Smart

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