Case Studies

Jackie, our Welfare / Employment Advisor, has worked with this client for a number of years and has supported them through a lot of personal issues.  They were in receipt of a PIP and a Premium ESA and when their PIP came up for renewal, Jackie helped to complete the form and sent it off.  Jackie was also with them during their telephone assessment appointment as support – she knows that these interviews can be scary for some people and she was there to help and advise.

Unfortunately, the PIP was declined which also meant that they lost the premium on their ESA – this meant that they were £400 per month worse off.  They were left with just £70 per week to live on – they were absolutely distraught. They already had mental health issues and were under the mental health team.

Jackie sent a 3 page mandatory reconsideration in for the client stating the problems that the client had got and that they should never have had their PIP taken from them.  After 10 weeks and no reply, Jackie chased them and was told that a decision would be made in the next few days.

The next day, the client received a telephone call from the DWP who said that their PIP should never have been stopped and they reinstated their benefits with back pay for the 10 weeks. The client burst into tears crying when they called and told Jackie – calling her their ‘Guardian Angel’ and couldn’t thank her enough!


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